Abandonment Issues
 and beyond

I help people transform their abandonment issues into: 
successful relationships 

personally & professionally

Holistic, proven, highly effective ways to release triggers and fears AND identify and
instill the qualities needed for good relationships - with yourself, with life and with others 

My work is unique but there is a great way to learn more. I offer a free 30 minute consultation.

Because a session is a highly personal collaboration it makes sense to get acquainted before hand. And while many clients are experienced in alternative healing or therapy, it works just as well if this is all completely new. In that case the consultation serves to "prepare the ground" for the fertile healing experience of a full session.

Here is a perfect example: 

A professional woman in her mid forties with children, in her second marriage of 2 years, booked a consultation with me.  She works as a Clinical Group Psychologist and didn't know anything about alternative healing therapies.

She told me she couldn't understand her own behavior. Her new marriage was good. She wanted things to work out with her husband who loves her and "took on her children as his own".   Even though they have a happy, healthy marriage and she is has no fear of him cheating, she "falls apart" when she knows he is leaving - even just for a few days on a business trip.

The prospect of his leaving is terrifying and puts her in tears. After he's gone, she manages well enough and can even enjoy time with friends.  She is mystified but can't stop this clingy, needy, desperate behavior when he leaves. Nothing helps and it is creating a deep divide, he is getting frustrated and turned-off .

As she was not only unfamiliar with alternative healing but a Clinical Psychologist as well, I explained that what I was about to say might be a lot to take in.  

I began with examples that may illustrate the principles that I think make my work possible (I don't honestly know how it works).

I talked about how a flock of birds or a school of fish can move as if they are one unit, changing directions at the same instant.  I gave examples of the  migration of birds and butterflies, or dogs crossing thousands of miles to find their owners or waiting at the door, sensing when their owners were coming home.

I described experiments on plants in the 1970s.  Researchers put sensitive instruments on plants  and when the plants were approached with pruning shears the instruments detected dramatic responses  The plants responded smoothly to classical music or nurturing intentions.  

These (and countless other) examples in nature point to a field of intelligence that goes beyond what we can see and hear.  She said that this all made sense to her, so I continued.

I said that while I couldn't know what was causing her problem, I could ask.  I explained that everything that has happened in her life made an impression, is recorded in some kind of body memory or in her unconscious mind or maybe as an energy wave. And that by using a simple process called kinesiology (that anyone can learn) we can ask her system what is going on.  

I told her it is awe-inspiring to access this information - whether it is from memory or higher-self or soul or inner intelligence (whatever you want to call it).  Knowing through your own experience that you do have a higher intelligence that can be accessed to guide your healing can be life-changing.  

I told her that it may be hard to grasp while we are just talking about it.  But from the first session, you can see for yourself.  We  immediately identify very specific things from your past (and you recognize all of it). There are past events that you completely forgot about, that you never think about, or that you start to see differently.

I said that patterns from the past are often more than just your personal life events. There can be patterns that come from your parents and grandparents. Strong influences are created from the cultures of our ancestors, the social and political times of our parents and so on. As a professional psychologist she said she knows how influential those patterns are. 

I told her that the session was NOT being told what happened or having someone do something to you. It doesn't blindside you.  We mutually participate: exploring, asking, listening, discovering. 

But it can come out of your blind side. You didn't see it before - but through our collaboration we reveal how  "your system" includes specific, powerful patterns that are now unconsciously influencing your life and holding problems in place.  People feel a strong recognition, a knowing, a sense of "Aha! I get it now."  A new freedom. 

Have you ever wished you could find help that works with intense abandonment issues?  Book your free consultation here

“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

There are deep, often unconscious, very powerful reasons why some of us can’t handle the challenges of relationships, reasons we are discouraged about our ability to overcome fear of abandonment. Yet, we CAN change.

Woman dragging her broken heart behind her needs to develop healthy relationship from within first

You can release the residue of:

  • experiences/memories
  • family patterns
  • feelings
  • beliefs
  • unmet needs 
  • unconscious fears 
  • shame

Old wounds, habits and family patterns (which create most common relationship problems) have less power to create bad relationships.

You can be authentically less needy and emotionally dependent on relationships - less triggered, less afraid, less broken and ashamed - while at the same time becoming a healthy person that attracts healthy people and have a healthy relationship - even with those crazy annoying family members! 

Would  you like to...

  • Be present, centered, calm and peaceful?
  • Show up as a person you are proud of?
  • Relax?
  • Feel worthy?
  • Confidently deal with issues?
  • Find clarity in the chaos?
  • Live a life of freedom (rather than endless healing of emotional pain?)

Would you like to FEEL the sweetness of love, trust, connection, intimacy, bonding, security?  AND...do you want to attract others with these qualities?

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If you want to learn how to heal abandonment
start by accepting that you have a brain that loves you and is vigilant about looking after you. It just gets a little carried away!  I promise…if you work WITH your brain, it will work with you. Your brain can learn how to heal abandonment.

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By Laura Frisbie, Alternative Relationship Therapist
M.Ed., C.R.R.P.

Because I am a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, insurance is not an option.  Published content, sessions, webinars, etc., are not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.