Who Do
YOU Wish
You Had A Healthy

It IS possible for you to have a healthy relationship (with anyone)  - - no matter what your history. 

There are holistic, highly effective ways to develop the qualities you need to ensure a good relationship with others.  There are powerful ways to release the underlying issues that cause any relationship problem. 

  • Do you have icky sticky patterns in the way you do relationships?  Have you wished you could show up differently? 
  • Do you over-react because of abandonment issues? Drive people away with clingy fear and distrust?  
  • Do you lose yourself in relationships? Give yourself away (sometimes to people you don't even like)?  
  • Do you shut down?
  • Put on a false front?  

Have you discovered how crazy hard it can be to have a healthy relationship?  Do you have embarrassing "stuff" that shows up? Stuff such as:

What would it be like if you could be confident

that you have the "RIGHT stuff"  

...the STUFF that makes for healthy relationships?

What would it be like to...

feel powerful in changing your own patterns (even smack in the middle of  a not so healthy relationship)?

What would it be like to...

  • Be Present, centered, calm and peaceful?
  • Show up as a person you are proud of?
  • Relax?
  • Feel worthy?
  • Confidently deal with whatever healing or growth you need?
  • Find clarity in the chaos?
  • Live a life of freedom (rather than endless healing of emotional pain?)

Would you like know that you CAN change?  

That you are genuinely MORE than ok?

Would you like to FEEL the sweetness of love, trust, connection, intimacy, bonding, security?  

AND...do you want to attract others with these qualities?

What would it be like to actually make real progress toward the inner change that you KNOW you need - so that you can enjoy relationships with just about anyone? 

I can help you learn how to
identify and strengthen
the qualities you need
so old wounds, habits and family patterns
(which create most common relationship problems)
have less power to harm your relationships

Most of us live in "autopilot" based on painful:

  • experiences/memories
  • family patterns
  • feelings
  • beliefs
  • unmet needs 
  • unconscious fears 
  • shame

You can be authentically less needy and emotionally dependent on relationships - less triggered, less afraid, less broken and ashamed - while at the same time becoming a healthy person that attracts healthy people and have a healthy relationship - even with those crazy annoying family members! 

What if a  
Relationship Therapist
With Unique, Proven
Alternative Healing Therapy Methods...
~ could bypass your conscious mind 
~ could identify exactly what you need to release 
~ could help you shift - mind, body, emotion, spirit 
 into what is better for you 

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Do you feel like you've tried everything? 

Now You CAN shift your perception and response -- and thus your REALITY

Literally change who you know yourself to be

and learn how to positively influence who you CAN be --

There IS a way for all this (and so much more).   And anyone can do it.


“It’s the only thing I’ve found that actually does anything.”  
A.T.,  Attorney,  Australia

By Laura Frisbie, Alternative Relationship Therapist
M.Ed., C.R.R.P.

I do not accept insurance because I am a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner.  I do not work with mental illness or offer treatments for severe depression. Published content, sessions, webinars, etc., are not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.