Quick Announcement for Group Session Tuesday October 26, 6 pm Eastern

I survived a rite of passage last week. Survived and thrived. Whew!

I had the honor of facilitating group sessions for Resonance Repatterning® Practitioners and students. Participants earned continuing education units.

It was fun! There is such an uplifting, powerful energy to group sessions. We learn and we shift and we connect. And we get energized.

I think you'll enjoy a group session. Regardless of whether you've done a session before, it is a great way to shift into a new, more life-enhancing and attractive energy field.

We'll do it with a conference call. There are only eight spots on the call, and one is taken. There is free long-distance for most countries.

The cost is only $25. I promise, it is an unheard of price for a live session that you get to participate in. It will last 90 minutes. And it really can kick-start you into healing your abandonment or relationship issues like nothing else out there.

Use this link to sign up now.

Group Session: $25 6 pm Eastern, Tuesday October 26

Lest we forget: Navigating life and relationships is natural -- anxiety is not (and is therefore changable!).

I use a proven process called Resonance Repatterning® to identify the old patterns that get in your way and assist you in shifting to new patterns.

Sessions can powerfully move you from negative to positive patterns. These shifts change you from the inside out and ripple throughout your life. These shifts change:
who you attract - and how you act - and how you feel.

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~~~In addition to private sessions, I am now offering:

90 minute group session done on conference call, with no long-distance fees in most countries.($25)

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