How to Heal Abandonment Issues Newsletter

Subsequent issues will offer all kinds of yet to be inspired tidbits for your perusal. The sole purpose of THIS issue is to

Announce The First Course:

Laura's first ever Abandonment Issues Course and Group Sessions!
There are three main reasons for offering this course.

  • More affordable sessions.
  • The synergy and nurture of healing in a small group.
  • To focus privately, in depth, over time, with structure, in preparation for your group sessions.

    As you well know, people with abandonment issues can not simply avoid the triggers of relationships and their cascades of overpowering feelings. Whether you are cultivating attracting healthier relationships or becoming healthier with the ones you have, this course will take you through well-proven steps to meaningful improvement.

    We will do three Group Repatternings (combined with homework and one private session) designed to fortify:

    1. Mental awareness and discernment (Negative Thoughts)
    2. Release of unmet needs and triggers (Earlier Experience)
    3. Balanced flows of life-enhancing energy (Chakras)

    The Three Group Repatternings Are:

    1. Negative Thoughts Repatterning: The primary pattern that controls you is your own mind. This session supports you in first becoming aware of the mental habits you resonate with, then transforming the underlying patterns. Strengthening the discerning aspect of your mind opens the gate for positive transformation.

    2. Earlier Experience Repatterning: It is not the earlier experiences in themselves that cause your problems now. In the past, when your needs were not met, stress responses became habitual and can dominate your life and how you relate. Coming into your fullness means freeing yourself of the crippling wounds of unresolved, unconscious stress responses.

    3. Chakra Repatterning:

  • Earth or Root (1st): Activate qualities of security, stability, nurturance, abundance and the power of feminine earth energy. Shift away from worry, overwhelm, defeat and scarcity.

  • Water or Pelvic (2nd): Release over-indulgence, weak boundaries, envy, emotional turbulence and unhealthy sexuality. Overcome feelings of separation while maintaining individual uniqueness; enhance sensuality, creativity, and transformation.

  • Fire or Solar Plexus (3rd): Express your masculine power, drive, vitality, action and leadership. Integrate courage with sensitivity and heart-opening love. Shift away from a sagging lack in purpose, vision, responsibility and commitment.

  • Air or Heart (4th): Get rid of your “I can’t.” Enough with “not enough” around love, time, safety, tenderness, and relaxation. Open your heart to vulnerability and unconditional love.

  • Ether or Throat (5th): Find what it is like NOT to be blocked, trapped, noisy, clueless, meaningless, closed, and fearful. Resonate with energies of breakthrough inspiration transcendence of self/ego. Realization of beauty, harmony, truth. The Mystery. The void and stillness through which all manifests.