My Favorite Alternative
Treatments for Depression

Repatterning™ provides alternative treatments for depression in many ways. This article shows the science of how brain patterns develop into depression. 

brain focused after alternative treatments for depression

The brain is a:
• self‑perpetuating,
• self‑fulfilling
• memory
• that skews and slants (distorts)
• as it filters what gets in

…and of course, what gets in determines what next gets in …which then determines what gets out …which determines what you pay attention to, which determines what you draw to you, and determines your life experience, and so on.

"I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances."   Martha Washington 

What we pay attention to largely determines our disposition, our experience of life, our personal reality. Many say our attention is our greatest gift. It is where we have the most power.

    “Moment by moment we choose and 
    sculpt how our ever‑changing 
    minds will work, we choose who 
    we will be the next moment in a 
    very real sense, and these choices 
    are left embossed in physical form 
    on our material selves.” (Train
    Your Mind, Change Your Brain)

When you feel depressed or anxious, this “choice” is absent. It is NOT your fault. Brain patterns (self-perpetuating and self-fulfilling) are ruining your life. 

Instead of managing medication, Repatterning provides alternative treatments for depression that stop the patterned cycle at the source.

Our attention is mostly automatic, like breathing. Depressed or anxious people often try to manage their thoughts by paying attention to them. This is valuable and a good place to start.

But look at what happens when you go deeper. Rather than merely managing thoughts you can use alternative treatments for depression to:

Heal the patterns at the source of your thoughts.

Free your attention to focus on loving life.

Feel enthusiastic about growth.


So…what does determine your disposition, or what you pay attention to? For that, we have to start at the beginning. Brain patterns form even before birth. These patterns filter and develop how our brains shape our experiences.

Repatterning™ provides effective alternative treatments for depression

because it helps release the original patterns that continue to create current issues.

fetus and what causes depression

Before birth, a baby’s brain develops in response to its mother

"If mother feels unloved or unsupported, is threatened, anxious, and 
fearful nature will give greater emphasis to her baby's ancient core brain, 
with its defensive and survival systems, at the expense of evolution's 
newer creative  capacities.”  5 (Origins of Peace and Violence)

Once born, the baby absorbs like a new sponge. But only part of the brain is fully developed.The baby’s thinking brain isn’t needed or developed yet. The developed part is the seat of emotions and memory, so baby can emotionally bond with its caregiver. And baby has memory in order to adapt. 

   “The brain’s remarkable adaptability at birth, 
   together with the infant’s emotional focus on 
   its primary caregiver, sets up a lifelong pattern 
   for the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and 
   behavior.”  4  (The Developing Mind, How Relationships 
   and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are).

For a baby, many simple events are interpreted as stressful (ANY separation from mother/caregiver is first on the list - and second is mother’s stress). 

   “During pregnancy, birth and beyond, 
    nature locks the mother and baby's 
    biorhythms, heart frequencies, hormonal 
    balances, sleep patterns and a thousand 
    other living systems into reciprocal 
    bonded patterns. Lack of affectionate, 
    intimate contact between mothers and 
    infants during the most sensitive periods 
    of brain growth may result in permanent 
    brain abnormalities associated with 
    patterns of depression, substance abuse, 
    eating disorders, aggression and violence."        
                     5 (Origins of Peace and Violence)

How serene and secure was your mother?

Let’s face it. Pregnancy, birth, and infancy are fragile, stressful times. Conditions are rarely ideal. Many (if not all) newborns face unavoidable stress.

Your brain (in the interest of survival) gives more weight to stress memories.

~~Please continue with how the brain develops and how Repatterning™ can provide alternative treatments for depression and change fundamental patterns.

Alternative Treatments for Depression - Continued

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Each session resolves and releases what holds your negative patterns in place (mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically.)

Each session shifts you on a deep, root level into aligning what you need and want -- so you live it and attract it with much more ease.

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