Body n Mind Therapy
for Facing Fear
and Finding Courage

Your essence abides as you change from infant to child to adult...much like the way water as it changes from vapor to cloud, rain to stream, lake to waterfall.

Some say your essence is the truest part of you...when you connect with essence, you find your depth, clarity, power and courage.

This body n mind movement is part of a Chi Kung exercise used for harmonizing the Water Element (one of Five Elements of Chinese Acupuncture {Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water}).

The positive qualities of your Water Element are:


This body n mind exercise is for your kidney energy meridian, which is part of your WATER Element.


~1~ As you tone the sound “SHAE”, feel your kidneys vibrate (on both sides of your spine a little above your waist). Be aware that you are reconnecting to your power, drive, self-confidence and the energy to move forward on your chosen path.

~2~ Fists press into each side of belly button.

~3~ Pressing into belly, slightly bend forward.

~4~ INHALE and feel the kidney area in your back expanding.

~5~ EXHALE with the sound “SHAE” (shay). Release all toxins and anything that comes in the way of being empowered.

~6~ Three harmonizing breaths -- Each movement is followed by 3 harmonizing breaths. The tongue is on the roof for the inhale, relaxed on floor of mouth for open mouth exhale.

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