Body n Mind Therapy for Vision, Purpose, and Action

This body n mind movement is part of a Chi Kung exercise for harmonizing the Wood Element (one of Five Elements of Chinese Acupuncture {Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water}).

This energy is called the Wood Element because it's about growth. When growth is blocked, anger and frustration and resentments arise.

This helps release old resentments and anger and opens you to hope, optimism and vision to handle stress in a new way.

It is a movement for your LIVER energy meridian, which is part of your Wood Element. In body n mind language, the liver meridian holds anger and frustration.

The positive qualities of the Wood Element are:

New vision
Goals and Planning


~1~ Make a squinty-eyed, tight-lipped face (like my mother when she is angry!) while you "ssss" in a longggg drawn-out exhale. Be aware that you are releasing old resentments and anger and release toxins from your liver (under your right rib cage).

~2~ Intensely beam your angry energy out of your eyes and mouth. Beam it out a window if possible, never at a living thing.

~3~ The movement with this "ssss" is...

~4~ Hold your hands in fists, face up, next to your belly button.

~5~ Raise your fists up over your head while you inhale. Hold your breath as you circle your arms around and jam your elbows into your ribs while you bend forward.

~6~ Then "SSSSSSSSSSSS" the breath out thru your eyes, moving toxins from your liver out out out. As you "SSSSSSSS", have the intention:

"Out with anger and frustration

out with blame and depression,

out with frustration,

with feeling stuck,

with being pulled in too many directions.

Out with lack of confidence,

~7~ Now stand tall and strong in your stature. Feel like a tree, deep rooted and reaching to the sky. out with rigidity and staleness and stagnation.

Out with not loving myself.

Out with the need to prove something.

Out with doing it all on my own.

Out out out!

Out with not knowing who I am or what I want,

Out with being unclear and distracted.

Out with pessimism and lethargy!

~7~ Three harmonizing breaths -- Each movement is followed by 3 harmonizing breaths. The tongue is on the roof for the inhale, relaxed on floor of mouth for open mouth exhale.


Welcome to YOU

Welcome to a new day,

a new way,

to spring and rebirth.


Welcome to your potential,

to optimism,

to self confidence.

to achievement of any kind

Welcome to you BEING fresh and growth and flexibility,

to positive self assertion,

to dreams and visions, goals and plans.

Welcome to bringing heaven down into the earth, into your roots, and then reaching up for heaven from the bottom of your roots.

WELCOME to a body n mind therapy for your Wood Element Energy~!

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