My Recommendations For Your Creative Personal Growth

Creative personal growth is a favorite topic of mine. There is SO much available - lots of it good.  Lots of it well-intentioned but not actually effective.

And lots of it effective beyond what words can adequately describe.  

My own mind has been my greatest obstacle.  I encourage you to be in the "not-knowing" open space of trying things out. Expect to be pleasantly surprised.  Creative personal growth can't be intellectually bound (by its very definition!) 

Wild Words Writing Workshops With Victoria Rose

Develop a sacred relationship with your stories

Our stories are our histories, and they give us direction for our next adventure. As we write and share our stories the awareness of our past, present and future helps us understand our past and illuminate our present. Developing a relationship with our words and stories, sharing and being heard is transformational.

Participating in a Wild Words Workshop is a way to actively honor our stories, develop a relationship with the words we choose to speak, and connect with others who have a desire to courageously share their stories.

Let your words be wildly free to discover and express your heart’s desire.

Victoria Rose,  Asheville, NC   914-489-5340
(Victoria offers excellent editing services as well. She edits my newsletter and some webpages for me -- and she makes huge improvements).

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