Dealing with anxiety attacks:

Dealing with anxiety attacks means facing your truth, your courage and power. It's about "inner-independence" - standing tall as an individual. It isn't easy. And it is sooooooo worth it.

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Fear of Abandonment: Heal The Feelings & Traumas Causing Your Fears

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cancer patient facing anxiety attacks

1. In what ways are you powerful? Not powerful?

2. Concerning your life overall, what are you most afraid of?

3. What would help you feel reassured?

4. Who would you like to get reassurance from?

5. Can you talk about your fears?

6. Is there a good listener in your life?

7. Are you a good listener?

8. Do you have the power to set limits and respect that power in others?

9. Do you feel that you are "heard"?

10. What is meaningful for you?

11. Do you "go with the flow" and adapt?

12. Are you able to "contain" yourself…or "bide your time" ?

13. Do you face and overcome your fears?

14. Are you "in charge" of yourself?

15. Do you struggle to move out of inertia?

16. To what degree do you accept your truth... "I am who I am." 

                                                            NY City Gay Pride Parade

17. What do you allow to drain your energy?

18. Do you dribble away your time, energy, or money? 

19. Can you be soft and also powerful?

20. Do your emotions flow?

What do you notice about being energized...or DE‑energized...regarding fear, courage, or power?

Do you see where dealing with anxiety attacks, and what lies beneath them, is important to understanding fear of abandonment?

Can you stand strong even while you are sick with fear?  This  is about only one aspect of fear of abandonment. There are many more important aspects to contemplate.

Quiz for Living Your Dream Discover your hidden issues around living your dreams (which are CRUCIAL for a life worth living). These hidden issues are usually related to fear, many fears that WANT to be faced and overcome. If you are dealing with anxiety attacks, it is likely that facing a collection of hidden fears will set you free. For life...~!

Quiz for Bonding and Connection There is strong link with depression around the tender issues of safe relationships, connection, closeness and feeling comfortable with solitude.

Quiz for Nurture and Support
Are your needs being met? Feeling supported and nurtured is key to dealing with depression.

Quiz for Values and Inspiration
What do you value and honor MOST? To what degree do you feel valuable and acknowledged? Are you inspired?

The "Too Much Me" Depression Quiz

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