Dealing with
Emotional Pain:
Self Love and Self Help

When you are dealing with emotional pain: Learn self help done with self love - so you can move toward what you want

How old do you think you were - when you first begin dealing with emotional pain?

The truth is...most of us have a hurt and abandoned inner child. Emotional pain is rooted in the experience and reality of life... 

Did your early life include an environment with strong emotions, stress, instability, separation, broken attachments? 

Were your fears and stresses usually resolved with love and communication? (No? This started a buildup of unmet needs that began when you were too young to deal with them.)

Dejected little girl walking sadly away and dealing with emotional pain alone.

When stress brain/body chemicals came along with our relationships, it created conflicting feelings.

When we are young, dealing with emotional pain isn't a real option, we are not developed enough to do that.

Patterns and beliefs (that you could not comprehend) were established and then kept repeating ...

A pattern was created where love became equated with fear and insecurity.

When you were a child:

•  Did you feel anxious, alone, abandoned when you were in school, in community, in church, or with your family?

• Do you see any similarities between your childhood and now, in terms of dealing with emotional pain?   

• How much emotional pain do you think your parents or caretakers themselves were dealing with?

        "The key to healing our wounded souls is to get clear and honest in our
          emotional process. Until we change the distorted, negative perspectives
          and reactions to our human emotions, we cannot get in touch with the
          level of emotional energy that is Truth. We cannot get reconnected to
          our Spiritual Self." Fear of Intimacy,

When you are dealing with emotional pain, are any of these negative beliefs operating?

• I have no support

• People and relationships are exhausting

• I feel invisible

• I have nothing to contribute

• I am defective and unlovable

• I can't trust

• I can't get my needs met

• I am unprotected & cannot find safety

• I am overcome with pain

• I cannot function well

• I feel insecure

• I have painful relationships

• I need approval from others

Chalkboard sign "Never underestimate the importance of abandoning crap you don't need."

• I can't do anything right

• I am rejected and betrayed

• I betray myself

• I don't know my own heart

• I cannot handle emotional pain

• I feel anxious and afraid 

Beliefs are thoughts that you take to be true...and of course they do seem true. However, your beliefs and experiences CAN CHANGE.

A lot of emotional pain, pain such as abandonment issues, begin in infancy. Even with the best caregivers, infants experience fear of abandonment. This fear created stress chemicals in your system and were linked with your caregivers.

releasing trapped stress and emotions. 

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Are you interested in finding OTHER, more SUPPORTIVE and EMPOWERING thoughts and beliefs that are even more powerful ways of dealing with emotional pain?


Would you like to be empowered to positively and powerfully start really dealing with emotional pain and move on to the next level in your growth? Would you like to discover and create more peace, joy, and possibilities in your life and relationships? 


We naturally and automatically avoid pain.  But resisting only makes things worse.

Accepting or "dealing with it" is not resignation, it is maturity. Accepting your pain is the place to start because it is... "better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." One small flame illuminates a room full of darkness.. 

People often tell me they can’t have healthy relationships or they are skeptical that I can help them.

Lest we forget: Relationships are natural -- (unhealthy (or absent) relationships are unnatural. )

Folks, as humans our brains and nervous systems are hard-wired to need relationships! This is actually a healthy, good need. I use a proven process called Resonance Repatterning® to identify the patterns that get in your way and assist you in shifting to new patterns. 

These shifts change you from the inside out and ripple out into your life and relationships. These shifts change you:
  who you attract - and how you act - and how you feel.

Your emotional pain began when your needs were not met. This short exercise helps you find what you needed in the past, what you want now, and how you can begin to meet your needs. 

What do you need in order to feel calm and safe?

Remember a time when you felt pain.

Bring yourself into that moment. While you are in that moment, ask your heart, "What do I need in order to feel calm and safe?"

Whatever you needed...could you use that now? Is what you needed then helpful to you now?

Can you see that what you needed was (and is) important? Wouldn't it be good if we could all have that? When you embrace your needs, you activate healing that wasn't there at that time.

Are you ready to begin shifting your focus to what you want and need?

Begin by saying:

"I am 100% committed to maintaining a higher state of well-being. I am ready to transform my emotional pain, my negative beliefs or limiting patterns, right now."

Focus on what you want:

• I enjoy times of bonding for togetherness and time alone for solitude

• I enjoy being with others even if I am not talking to anyone

• I relax, expand my heart's magnetic field, and make a warm contact with someone

• I accept myself as I am

• I breathe and enjoy life and smile from my heart

• I recognize that others may feel the same discomfort as I do and I reach out to them

• I come from my heart with others

• I feel liked, valued, and respected

• I listen to my heart and to the heart of what others say

• I am radiant

• I let go of my painful past experiences and experiment with new ways to connect

• People enjoy being around me

• I laugh a lot

• I honor each individual's essence and remember we are all one

• I exude confidence. I have courage for relationships.

• I stand in my strength.

• I love eye contact. My eyes sparkle with appreciation.

• I am infinitely curious about everything!

• I drop all judgments (of self and others)

• I warmly connect to Spirit in each person

What are your own words for what you want?