Depression Quiz
(Consider Yourself Warned :-)

When you take a depression quiz, it can trigger uncomfortable feelings.

For example...

My friend read the Wood Element quiz and complained that it reminded her of her inadequacies --- and made her feel hopeless.

Do you accept that ANYTIME you choose to grow, you have to start with what needs to change? If seeing a need for change is depressing, wellllllllll.

One is rather screwed, isn’t one? Life sure enough becomes a downer.

Changing...becoming...can be something you do easily, eagerly, and constantly.

What is most important? Avoiding feelings of inadequacy or getting a life?

The point is to help you see
what causes depression

Please, notice your feelings when you take these quizzes. Do you feel overcome with inadequacies? Are you willing to say,

"Oh! I see what is ruining my life...and I see where inner change -
some healing work, intention, and positive action - might help?"

Depression Quiz: A to Z

There are now seven very unique ways you can take a quiz and learn about your self, get real with yourself, and identify exactly the healing you need. Find them here.

Wait~! There is something you should know...

There are no "RESULTS" for these quizzes. The "results" are that you take a look at yourself. You get ideas on areas of your life where you have unmet needs that need some healing and bolstering.

My suggestion is to be sensitively  aware of any charges or "triggers" that the questions bring up for you. 


Keep a background awareness for any places where you have a charged response. This can especially include places that you think you've already healed.  The charges let you know there is still an important opportunity to get more resolution and personal growth from working through to the place where you feel complete with it.

The reason this is important is it is these unresolved charges that still act like unconscious magnets, attracting situations, people, relationships, feelings etc. into your life that contain a similar kind of energy pattern.  This is because your "higher self" needs to find resolution and will attract something similar in order for you to experience the resolution you need to get the growth you are meant to realize. 


NOT facing the areas where resolution and growth are needed create an  accumulated weight, an accumulation of limitation - areas of life where your system avoids the unwanted feelings of overwhelm, pain, discomfort and confusion.  

People often tell me they can’t have healthy relationships or they are skeptical that I can help them.

Lest we forget: Relationships are natural -- unhealthy (or absent) relationships are unnatural.

Folks, as humans our brains and nervous systems are hard-wired to need relationships! This is actually a healthy, good need. I use a proven process called Resonance Repatterning® to identify the patterns that get in your way and assist you in shifting to new patterns.

Sessions can powerfully move you from negative to positive patterns. These shifts change you from the inside out and ripple out into your life and relationships. These shifts change:

who you attract - and how you act - and how you feel.

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