Free Advice for Relationship Problems: Self-Assessment

Free Advice for Relationship Problems

This helps you prepare for your free consultation.  It is for your eyes only and you are welcome to do it in your mind only. It should help you begin to get a sense of whether there is some "baggage" or issues that, once cleared, could improve your relationships.

Free Advice for Relationship Problems - Self-Assessment

1.   Check all that apply:

   ___   I’d like my relationships in general to feel better (includes friends,   

            co-workers, parents, children etc.)

   ___   I’d like to be in an intimate relationship.

   ___   I’d like more closeness and intimacy in my current relationship.

   ___   I’d like to have a better relationship with myself (comfortable being  

            alone, personal hobbies/interests, self-care, etc.)

2.  I’d like to show up differently in my relationships

  (For example)  I wish I was:

   ___   more secure

   ___   less needy of reassurances

   ___   more independent

   ___   less seeking of approval 

   ___   confident expressing myself

   ___   authentic

   ___   worthy feeling


3.   I’d like to attract people who are more safe, fun, secure, reliable, healthy, self-sufficient, etc. 

Do you tend to attract people who have a lot of problems or aren't available to give and receive positive love and support?

4.   Check all that apply in any way to your childhood – some are big and obvious, others are subtle.

    a.)  Loss of one or both parents, during any period of time, due to:

   ___   Your being put into the care of relatives, foster care, or adoption

   ___   Death

   ___   Divorce/split-up/single parenting

   ___   Drug or alcohol addiction

   ___   Depression or mental illness

   ___   Chronic physical absence due to work, travel, illness, nannies, maids, etc.

    b.)   Lack of “Parental Presence” – often related to mental or emotional or financial stress or illness, unhappiness, distraction, disinterest.  Check any examples listed and/or write in your own: 

   ___   Physical, sexual, or verbal abuse

   ___   General negative attitude:  mean or unpleasant, unfriendly, cold, bitterness, disillusionment.

   ___   Anxiety (Anxious mothers, for example, typically instill anxiety in their children.)

   ___   Blame

   ___   Priorities put on appearances, how things look to others.

   ___   Shaming

   ___  Not "seeing" you or your needs. Not listening. Not

          reassuring or supporting you.

   ___   Other:_________________________________

 5.    What was the quality of your parents or caregivers relationship with each other or with others or with you.  How did they do at relating or bonding, giving or receiving love?

What do you think you learned from being in that environment?  From that "role modeling" about the different qualities of relationships?

6.  How do you feel about the quality of the relationships in your life at this time?

Are your feelings familiar to you?  Did you ever feel like this during your childhood?

7.     Are you ready for deep healing and empowering change around your relationship patterns?  Do you believe your relationships can change - from the inside out?

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During your consultation and free advice for relationship problems, I promise that I will not be trying to convince you to work with me.  I'll describe what I do, and how I think it can help.

My work is very successful with people who WANT to work with me.  That is why I do not sell gift certificates (even though there are many requests from satisfied clients who want their "other" or their mother or their child or best friend to experience the growth this work brings.) 

My sessions are done conveniently by phone or Skype without it doesn’t matter where you’re located. Please begin our connection by filling out this contact form. 

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