All Healing Therapy Practitioners Are Not Created Equal

Different healing therapy practitioners provide different experiences. Here is your place to speak directly to readers about your experience with Laura. 

VoiceStak lets you record your voice OR a video so you can quickly, easily and directly tell future visitors what is important for them to know. OR you can choose to send a message to Laura about anything at all. Your recording goes directly and privately to Laura.  Laura will then post the recordings that are for visitors.  

Some ideas for what you might choose to talk about (entirely optional):

1- Who you are (without giving your full name). You might include where you live or what you do or your age, single or in a relationship or in a breakup. If you have kids. Say only what is comfortable for you while giving us some clues about you.

2- Your initial concerns about deciding to work with her.

3- Why you work with Laura.  Your situation, issue or goal.

4- What your experience has been like. What was challenging, what was wonderful, what are some before and afters?  How have you or your situation changed? What do you think someone would like to know?  How do you feel after a session?  What should someone expect or not expect?

5- Would you recommend Laura's work? Why?  To any certain people in particular? 

Sometime Healing Therapy Practitioners Help You With:

Discovering Treasures Deep Within

Letting Go of Old Baggage

Releasing Childhood Pain

Connecting With the Love That Is

Learning to Trust Life

Taking Risks

Getting Real With Yourself

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Did You Know? 

Resonance Replacement:

~ Provides a cutting-edge combination of traditional and alternative therapies 

~ Is routinely provided long-distance via phone or Skype

~ Uses Resonance Kinesiology to access information from your energy field.

~ Releases deep unconscious traumas and emotional blocks stored in your body A mind system ... often on the first session.

~ Works on the quantum level as described by Deepak Chopra and many others. (To access information beyond what you can see (much like a school of fish or a flock of birds can operate as one.)

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Fear of Abandonment: Heal The Feelings & Traumas Causing Your Fears

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., CRRP
All Sessions Provided by Phone / Skype

Because I'm a Certified Resonance Replacement Practitioner, insurance is not an option. Published content, sessions, webinars, etc., are not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.