I need relationship help

I help heal the root causes of abandonment issues and many other inner, common relationship problems.

Things like attracting unavailable or even abusive people, fear of rejection, over-giving, not being true to yourself, not standing up for yourself...

I bet you know what what I mean by "inner, common relationship problems."  Those inner "demons" that pop up in relationships in the worst way.  That are the perfectly horrible opposite of how you want to be.

A session is for people who are ready to face and let go of what is inside them, who are ready for something new, who are ready to be more powerful than their traumatic relationships / life experiences

Each session can bring breakthroughs that ripple out over time and bring life-changing results.

Do you see how you are making yourself miserable or bringing unnecessary negative energy into relationships? Do you either avoid conflict or over-control relationships? Live in fear, jump to worst-case scenarios? Attract unhealthy or unavailable partners? Deplete your energy in conflict, real or imagined?

Do you ever think, "I am this way because XYZ happened to me?"-- "Because my mother/father did X?" 

Maybe you've done therapy or many other kinds of healing work - many of you have. Many tell me they do have more insight but their responses haven't changed.

It is NOT because YOU are defective - it is because you learned what you learned with your whole being. And we can recruit your whole being to release and RE-learn! 

Most modalities don’t incorporate the deep unconscious. Some practitioners may pay lip service to the mind-body-spirit connection, but I offer a synergy of the body, unconscious mind and your higher self, your spirit – which is the key to unraveling the root causes of your abandonment issues and healing your emotional pain patterned responses.

I can help you release exactly what you are holding unconsciously on the mental, emotional and physical level. Healing emotional pain means you can let go of what is eating at you, depleting your energy and limiting your ability to create great relationships that you can enjoy. 

Be careful not to work on strategies and solutions for SYMPTOMS. Be careful not to work on just the mental or  physical or just the emotional or spiritual levels. Healing emotional pain requires SYNERGY, the combination of all of that and more. 

After working with hundreds of clients over the past 18 years, here’s what I know:

To create lasting changes, we need to incorporate a variety of disciplines and techniques. It’s not all scientific and clinical, it’s not all feel-good personal development talk, nor is it all energy work or someone giving you a reading or doing "healing" to you.

The effective approach requires a synergy of all this and MUCH more:

  • neuro-biology
  • breath response
  • energy patterns
  • applied kinesiology
  • fight-flight nervous system reactions
  • awareness
  • memory
  • visualization
  • sense of hope and possibility
  • the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind
  • courage to be authentic
  • opening space for healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and trust…

Truly, deeply, permanently healing emotional pain requires us to tap into your own wisdom and inner intelligence for your AHA deep inner shift. We tap into your knowing, instead of what I may think or what others are telling you.

My process makes it immediate and easy. We ask your system, your higher SELF. We trust, listen, open, receive. There’s nothing to “figure out, no "one size-fits-all”

·         You don’t have to remember some “incident”or figure out what event to “undo”

·         You don’t have to know what to say or worry about saying the wrong thing

You don’t have to talk or journal till you turn blue

You don’t have to watch numerous videos or attend yet another seminar

All you need to do is to show up fully to your session, so we can tap into your innate knowing – your system contains all the information you need.

Just like the body knows how to heal itself, we don’t need to make your healing happen. It’s how nature works. All we do during our session is identify what it is that needs to be healed by tapping into your mind body spirit.  Then your higher self and innate intelligence does the healing.

It is our nature to have healthy relationships that feel good. Deep down, you know how to thrive.

I’m not a traditional therapist and emotional, relationship pain and abandonment issues are not a “theory” to me. I’m living, breathing, and working through it. I had tried everything under the sun, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

Before I realized what was really plaguing me, I suffered from anxiety and depression. It was only after years of research and experimentation did I realize that the root cause of my suffering was abandonment issues.

I combined healing modalities with knowledge in consciousness, awareness, evolution, spiritual growth, relationship dynamics, reactivity patterns, neuro-biology and natural, vibrational healing, inquiry (and more!) to create a one-of-a-kind healing process.

Healing emotional pain is an evolutionary, gradual, individual process because each session frees up more of your inner wisdom, strength, awareness and confidence. 

Many approaches focus on fixing the “unwanted state.” This, in turn, sets up a paradigm in which you interpret your negative feelings as something to be fixed. It assumes that you are too weak to face and gain strength from your challenges - which then closes off your ability to learn.

It cuts off your inner intelligence (which is the key to healing emotional pain) – we can’t access the higher wisdom embodied in our experience if we reject, avoid, condemn, fear it.

Abandonment issues  and other common relationship problems are a complex challenge that requires  synergistic solutions – an alchemy that meets you where you are in your healing and growth process.

To get to the bottom of your abandonment issues so you can unravel it from where it took root, we need to broaden our approach.

A Resonance Repatterning(R) session uses muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to discover what is hidden within you AND is ready to heal. It is an emotional release process that leads to understanding, forgiveness, and positive change.