Meet Laura

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner™ since 1999

I love living in the mountains! I'm one of many (too many?) transplants to Asheville, NC...

I am a 3rd generation Chicago girl...South Side. My great-grandmother moved to Chicago from Ireland when she was 19.

I did most of my "growing up" up in Wisconsin. I lived in Tennessee during my 20s and 30's. I finally found "home" in Seattle for five wonderful years before I came back (family stuff) and discovered the "Seattle of the South" in Asheville, NC (minus the rain and traffic).

I was born 9/30/1958, exactly 9 months after New Year's Eve champagne. My parents lived in married student housing at the University of Chicago.

Like many of us, my birth was not part of the plan. I caused quite an upset (and began my pattern of blaming myself for everyone else's problems.)

Well, to be honest, I began a LOT of patterns that would later provide grist for the mill.

Hmmm, was I was BORN with an attitude?

Here I am with Mom a little later.

Which proves you are never too young for
mother/daughter issues!

My story (short version)... My father abandoned us (Mom, me and my unborn sister) when I was 2. Mom was 20, it was 1960, and times were very tough. She remarried when I was 9.

  • I was a very rebellious teen in the '70's (wink)...
  • left home at 17 in my senior year,
  • became an "emancipated minor" and graduated High School,
  • married young,
  • became a mother,
  • was driven to succeed, (read "workaholic")
  • was very successful!
  • got burned out,
  • was twice divorced by age 32 in 1990, ...and hence began my healing journey!! I've made more than my share of messes in my life. One of the hardest things about healing and getting treatments for depression (plus a whole lot more~!) was facing me, myself, and I. Whew!

    It all happens so fast. At age 23, (1981) I became a mother. I had almost graduated from college. Here's my Wonder-boy, Stephen.
  • And guess what...Now he's 37 and became a father in December 2008. Yep. I am a granny.

    Like I happens fast!

    I have lived one wild and crazy life. And it is only recently that I realized how much of my life has been driven by roaring, raging abandonment issues. Resonance Repatterning™ is a phenomenal way to heal.

    It is the only thing I have ever "stuck with" and its power to drop me to my knees in awe and gratitude continues to grow.

    Back to HERE NOW...

    I live with my husband, Jim, on 2 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is a creek and almost always a breeze, the sun shines a lot, and the nights are cool even in the summer. I call our bit of heaven "dancing leaves".

    We live next to a pasture with a backdrop of mountain peaks. Sometimes the cows in the pasture come to the fence and visit...along with their guardian donkey, Jesse. He is wild about apples. (He really does HE-HAW!) 

    My days are filled with phone sessions, working on this website, and household chores. My fave is mowing the lawn! (Out and about with the breeze and those dancing leaves!)

    Jim is a gardener and he is showing me why a garden is better than "just going to the grocery store"...(me, the city girl).

    MY "CALLING" (finally!)

    I fell in love with Resonance Repatterning™ when I had some sessions in 1998.

    My first 10 sessions were a gift. I had a friend that I walked with in the mornings and we would talk and talk...we came to know each other quite well.

    I literally watched her change before my eyes. Suddenly, instead of complaining and anger, there was compassion and understanding. It was like, "whoa...did you just say that?"

    Then her teenage daughter went for sessions and I watched HER change; from a timid girl to a strong young woman. She reminded me of the statue of liberty.

    In the meantime, I was endlessly stuck. My plan was to start a business as an NLP practitioner. I think I spent a couple of months coming up with a NAME for my business (and living on credit cards!)

    Finally my transformed friend (who is wealthy and big-hearted and wise) offered to pay for me to have some sessions.

    You know how hind-sight is 20/20? I had a saying. "To my extreme mortification, I grow wiser everyday."

    People were amazed at the changes they saw in me. I was amazed at the FLOOD of unhealed history I held inside, that burst to the surface immediately during sessions.

    I knew I needed LOTS more deep inner growth than I could ever pay for. So I learned to do Resonance Repatterning™ on myself. Then on others. I am very good at it. My clients experience deep, permanent life changes.

    (Really, it is true~! See these testimonials) My work is uniquely powerful regarding unresolved emotions, unmet needs, and loss of connection to spirit.

    The sessions I do ARE transformational. In writing this site, I have tried to capture some of the magic that happens in a session.

    Thank you for visiting and for passing this website on to anyone who wants a better way of being.

    Yours in love and light,

    Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P.

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