When You're Dealing with Abandonment Issues

Dealing with abandonment issues is tough.  When it finally occurs to you that these sorts of issues could be what's going on, it is usually after you feel like you're in shambles.

THEN the fun begins:  Am I dealing with abandonment issues? What does that mean, how do I know? How can I find out?  What ARE abandonment issues? How can I FIX THIS MESS that is ME?

There are many ways to understand abandonment issues. It is important to remember that while some are so severe as to be diagnosed as a disorder, most of us have some issues. 

Some identify abandonment issues as a primal fear of being isolated from the tribe.

Some as unresolved relationship traumas that include literal loss but can also be due to stressed or neglectful caregivers early in life.

Some see it very literally, as the result of an important relationship abandoning you. 

Abandonment issues can be confusing because apart from the CAUSE, the "symptoms" include fear of rejection, lack of trust, anxiety, emotional dependency, low self esteem, grief and negative expectations.

Some people are reluctant to say they have abandonment issues because it can seem like a blaming of their caregivers.

If you get hung up about whether you have abandonment issues because you have a loving relationship with your parents, understand that it really isn't about that

And it isn't disloyal or whiny or victimized to choose to heal "abandonment anxiety" (or fear of rejection, insecurity, low self-worth, or whatever personal growth you need).  You deserve to take action and get help so you can feel good - even while facing daunting and painful challenges.

Regardless of how severely you are suffering, you are not broken.   There are layers of confusion, hurts, unfinished business ETC. that are covering your inner light. Let's get your light shining bright!

Take the long view of your life and relationships. What triggers you beyond reason? What is draining your energy? What puts you into a space that you'd love to move beyond? 

What do you want instead?


Choose the personal development path that you need.  Once you are on your healing path, you will understand that getting the "right label" doesn't matter. It's really all one big soup of "stuff" that is blocking your light and flow and ability to experience the joy of healthy interdependence. It is the light and flow that matters.

Hello!  I'm Laura Frisbie and I've been dealing with abandonment issues for 60 years! {Professionally for 20 years:-) }

You know how women with abandonment issues get triggered into emotional reactivity, insecurity, and unhealthy relationships? 

I teach them how to release emotions held deep in their unconscious body mind. Those emotional states of being may have existed since childhood. Largely unconscious, they create a constricted state of being. My process integrates powerful processes of emotional constriction release.


This allows more capacity to be fully present - with expanded perspectives and resources. An objectivity emerges that allows seeing the patterns you are ready to outgrow.  I help you shift emotionally, mentally, and energetically into more empowering ways to relate to life. 

I work primarily through the Resonance Repatterning® system and depending on what is needed can draw from the following resources

  • Akashic Records
  • IFS - Internal Family Systems
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram
  • Buddhist and eastern consciousness teachings
  • Vibrational Healing & Energy Psychology
  • Byron Katie's The Work
  • Biofield Tuning,
  • Traditional Western Therapy
  • Aptitudes
  • Tarot
  • Flower Essences

Dealing with abandonment issues typically involves getting triggered into painful reactions.  Naturally our desire is to quickly "fix" or get rid of our pain (as if feeling better is all that is needed). 

But triggers are surface symptoms of much more. Within the energetic structure of a session, we can do a deep dive into the underlying messages and the gifts held within the symptoms.

At the same time training our body/mind to stay present and transform. 

As someone who has lived through this as a fricken' poster child of abandonment issues, I can attest that when you go beyond symptoms and get to the roots, you can change your experience of life - you become someone you can't even imagine...

Much of what you need to heal isn't responsive to traditional therapy and books ETC.  What needs healing is buried deep within your unconscious body memory.

It is in the way your energy flows (or not), it is in the way your brain and breath and nervous system are wired. 

It's in your stress responses, family history, culture, sense of self, how you make or avoid choices and decisions (your identity) - and can be passed through the generations. 

And as we "repattern" those elements, we are creating a new you, with a coherent, powerful, personal identity. You can experience a liberating expansion of who you know yourself to be...in a way that goes FAR BEYOND dealing with abandonment issues.

When I work with someone, the first sessions will bring up the places where there is stored pain.  With some powerful and effective deep emotional releases, the capacity to be more objective arises. 

And that empowers you to shift into the life-changing personal growth opportunities that lie beneath your abandonment symptoms. Because, as you probably know, dealing with abandonment issues is PERVASIVE.

Going beneath symptoms with more objectivity makes you available to develop qualities like:

  • self-esteem and confidence
  • trust and inner guidance
  • boundaries and standing up for yourself, letting go of toxic relationships
  • managing the inner critic, developing inner peace and calm
couple with coffee at rainy window paneEFFECTIVELY dealing with abandonment issues can mean a new you

Dealing with abandonment issues effectively means going to ground zero (where patterns began - where they are unconscious). We can repattern how you see yourself and how you relate to life.

   I offer the best of all worlds - grounded, practical relationship advice, deep emotional release, and holistic healing for mind, body and spirit. 

I have often been told that "one session is like years of therapy." 

I AM a person that has truly, deeply, positively transformed...
and that is why it has been my passion for 20 years!

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“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

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