Learn How to Heal Abandonment Issues

The relationships self help I offer is different than any other. 

I can help you learn a wide variety of proven ways to heal - and deal - with abandonment issues and other common relationship problems.

Relationship problems stem from unconscious unmet needs, baggage from the past, fear of intimacy and past relationship traumas that often flare up, unwanted, triggered "out of nowhere."

There is nothing quite like thorny relationship problems to motivate personal growth. Relationship problems may be the most common way our unconscious insecurity, fear of rejection, abandonment issues and so on make themselves known to us. 

There is nothing like the drive for healthy relationships to motivate us to undertake much needed personal growth! Good relationship advice isn't about the situational problems so much as about the inner patterns that formed around relationship traumas, patterns that can be brought to awareness and healing.

Your unconscious inner relationship problems are what affect how you relate; how you see and respond to the process of relating. Are you ready to face it, heal it and create something new? Healthy relationship advice can often suggest a new and totally unfamiliar way of looking and responding to challenges.

You've probably tried to change.  Maybe you've tried to get other people to change. 

The relationships self help offered here is unique. It is based on a synergy of ancient and modern healing principles, on a synergy of mind, body and spirit.  

Most of what needs healing is buried deep within your unconscious body memory. It is in the way your brain and breath and nervous system is wired.  It is in the patterns that are passed through the generations.  

I offer relationships self help based on holistic healing information that I use in private sessions every day. When you experience abandonment issues or other relationship problems, it is very much about emotions and your deepest sense of self.

Most relationship problems developed during childhood. They are woven into your personality. Simple information or just understanding what happened doesn't create healing.  I can help you go deeper than just dealing with symptoms. I can help you see yourself and your relationships AND your potential for healing and dealing in an entirely new way.

Relationships self help is exciting

Do you realize that you can transform your personal, inner relationship problems from weaknesses into strengths?  Into the most highly desirable qualities that partners can have!  

It may sound arrogant, but in truth there is nothing like the process that I use to identify and SHIFT and heal the deepest root causes of common relationship problems.

The hidden, unconscious wounds that are woven into your body, mind spirit - can inform and guide you to the  the roots of the problem and what is needed to heal.  CUSTOM to you, to your past AND where you are now in your healing.

HOPEFULLY, you are a moving target. You are learning, changing, growing, realizing, opening.

I LOVE to help those who are motivated to help themselves.  This is my tribe! Do you feel that way about yourself? If not, if you are feeling stuck and hopeless instead, then I promise that the very least I can do for you is get you well into the process of moving and healing and KNOWING that you are making progress.  

Think about that for a minute. How would you feel KNOWING you are making - and can continue making -  undeniable progress? 

Have you ever wished you could find relationships self help that works with intense, stuck relationship problems?  Are you ready to see and heal what lies deep within you?    Book your free consultation here: How you can experience the joy of successful relationships through healing your inner wounds and issues

“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

There are very powerful reasons why some of us are discouraged about overcoming fear of abandonment and other common relationship problems. Yet, we CAN change.

Woman dragging her broken heart behind her needs to develop healthy relationship from within first

You can release the residue of:

  • experiences/memories
  • family patterns
  • feelings
  • beliefs
  • unmet needs 
  • unconscious fears 
  • shame

Old wounds, habits and family patterns (which create most common relationship problems) have less power to create bad relationships.

You can be authentically less needy and emotionally dependent on relationships - less triggered, less afraid, less broken and ashamed - while at the same time becoming a healthy person that attracts healthy people and have a healthy relationship (even with those annoying family members!)

Would  you like to...

  • Be present, centered, calm and peaceful?
  • Show up as a person you are proud of?
  • Relax?
  • Feel worthy?
  • Confidently deal with issues?
  • Find clarity in the chaos?
  • Live a life of freedom (rather than endless healing of emotional pain?)

Would you like to FEEL the sweetness of love, trust, connection, intimacy, bonding, security?  AND...do you want to attract others with these qualities?

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If you want to learn how to heal abandonment
start by accepting that you have a brain that loves you and is vigilant about looking after you. It just gets a little carried away!  I promise…if you work WITH your brain, it will work with you. Your brain can learn how to heal abandonment.

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., CRRP
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