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image of old einsteinHolistic Healing for the root causes of your relationship problems

Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P. - As a holistic relationship therapist, I can identify and help you quickly heal the hidden roots of your most painful relationship patterns.

All therapists recognize that most relationship and abandonment issues developed during childhood and can even be woven into your personality. My clients consistently report that understanding isn’t the same as healing.

Most of what needs healing is buried deep within your unconscious body memory. It is in the way your energy flows (or not), it is in the way your brain and breath and nervous system are wired.  It's in your stress responses, family history, culture and identity - and can be passed through the generations. 

Would you like to...

  • Be present, centered, calm and peaceful?
  • Show up as a person you are proud of?
  • Access, trust and value your inner guidance?
  • Relax?
  • Feel worthy? Set healthy boundaries?
  • Confidently deal with issues?
  • Find clarity in the chaos?
  • Live a life of freedom (rather than endless healing of emotional pain?)
Would you like to FEEL the sweetness of love, trust, connection, intimacy, bonding, security?  AND...do you want to attract others with these qualities?

holistic  relationship  therapist?

I can help you go deeper than situations, symptoms and strategies. I can help you actualize your best self, relationships AND your potential - in empowering and liberating new ways. 

My work is a proven process based on a synergy of ancient and modern healing principles AND on a synergy of mind, body, emotion and spirit.  

It may sound arrogant, but in truth there is nothing like the holistic healing process that I use to identify, SHIFT and heal the deepest (usually unconscious) root causes of abandonment issues and common relationship problems.

Common relationship problems are the powerful MOTIVATION you need to finally heal and realize genuine, spontaneous positive changes in all areas of your life. 

Do you ever feel discouraged about overcoming fear of abandonment and other common relationship problems?  As a successful holistic relationship therapist for 20 years, I promise, you CAN change from the inside out when you heal the root causes.

You can release the mental, energetic, emotional (even spiritual) residue of:

  • experiences/memories
  • family patterns
  • feelings
  • beliefs
  • unmet needs 
  • unconscious fears 
  • shame

Old wounds, habits and family patterns (which are at the root of most common relationship problems) can have MUCH less power to create bad relationships.

You can be authentically less needy and emotionally dependent on relationships - less triggered, less afraid, less broken and ashamed - while at the same time becoming a healthy person that attracts healthy people and have a healthy relationship (even with those annoying family members!)

Common relationship problems MOTIVATE you to finally get the healing you need (and brings positive change in all areas of life) - from abandonment issues to any kind of relationship problem.

As your holistic relationship therapist

I offer the best of all worlds - grounded, practical relationship advice, deep emotional release, and holistic healing for mind, body and spirit.  I have often been told that "one session is like years of therapy."  But I knew that, it healed me and that is why it has been my passion for 20 years!

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“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

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If you want to learn how to heal abandonment
start by accepting that you have a brain that loves you and is vigilant about looking after you. It just gets a little carried away!  I promise…if you work WITH your brain, it will work with you. Your brain can learn how to heal abandonment.

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., CRRP
All Sessions Provided by Phone / Skype

Because I'm a Certified Resonance Replacement Practitioner, insurance is not an option. Published content, sessions, webinars, etc., are not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.