Inner Clarity = Power & Vitality

Winter Group Session
THIS Tuesday, February 21, 7 PM

Energetically, Winter is the season for going deep within because Nature’s Energy is in downward motion.

Now is the best time for:

  • depth
  • stillness
  • reflecting
  • listening to the wisdom of your gut/body/heart, to your inner clear light of Essence and Power.

    Connecting with your clear light of Essence and Power usually begins with cleansing what is stagnant or powerless.

    Stagnation and loss of power are the eventual result of fear.

    The energy of fear and self-protection either:

  • slowly seeps away vitality and power or
  • pushes us into over-drive and exhaustion.

    Either way, we become weakened and devitalized.

    Fear and protection are there for good reasons and help you meet important needs. However, you can shift into better ways to get your needs met and feel safe. You can shift into a more vitalizing focus for your inner resources.

    Being in alignment with your Essence builds inner reserves and resilience AND allows you access them when needed.

    This in turn empowers you for the new beginnings of Spring.

    This “going within” season sets the stage for the UPward action energy of Spring. Actions aligned with the vision and purpose of Essence is the best way to avoid exhaustion and stagnation.

    Where are you frozen, unavailable, powerless or afraid? What stops you from having the relationship, work, or life you truly want? Where do you want more vitality in your life?

    In this Group Session, we go down deep to shift out of fear and into the flow of our Essential deeper truths.

    How This Relates to Fear of Abandonment Issues

    Abandonment issues can't be simplified. But they do involve the energetic patterns of fear and insecurity. The Winter season represents the Water Element and is associated with Essence, Fear, Power and Listening.

    Call In Details

    There is such an uplifting, powerful energy to group sessions.

    The winter is the perfect time to clear your "inner septic-tank" and prepare for empowered Spring Vision and Action.

    We'll do it via * I'll email the number after you send payment.

    The cost is only $25, there are only nine slots and it will last only 90 minutes. And it can only nothing else out there!

    *Only domestic long-distance rates may apply as determined by each caller's long-distance carrier. If the caller has nationwide long-distance plan, is using a cell phone or most popular VOIP services, the conference call will likely cost them nothing to call.

    International Access Numbers provided:

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    Group Session: $25 7pm Eastern, Tuesday February 21

    I use a proven process called Resonance Repatterning® to:
    1. Identify old patterns that get in your way.
    2. Assist you in shifting to new patterns.

    Sessions can powerfully move you from negative to positive patterns. These shifts change you from the inside out and ripple throughout your life. These shifts change:
    how you feel - how you act - and who you attract.

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