How to Heal Abandonment Issues

When abandonment issues bring fear and stress with (or instead of) love and bonding, there are five crucial steps for healing.

As you consider these five steps, realize that most of the underlying issues that affect you are UNCONSCIOUS.  

The simple truth, MY simple truth anyway, is that I have never seen anything as powerful, as Resonance Repatterning for identifying and shifting the core issues underlying abandonment issues. It just plain rocks it.

1.  Identify the earlier experiences that underlie your issues.

2.  Identify your beliefs, feelings, and unmet needs that formed in connection with those earlier experiences. 

3.  Build the new, life-enhancing, coherent beliefs, feelings, and needs that will bring you inner power and deep, lasting growth.

4.  Create a "shift" in your energy field from the old to the new. This requires more than the usual "talking-thinking-learning-problem-solving" of your left brain.

5.  Become empowered by WHO YOU ARE. Connect with your genuine power and potential. Know that change is possible. Shift what you resonate with.

Young couple at odds with each other

I do this with people who are probably a lot like you every day. It works! It is SO very do-able (with the right process.)

Abandonment issues make it quite difficult to have fullfilling relationships. Going through life with UNfulfilling relationships is NOT necessary.

Abandonment issues create patterns where you attract "abandoners". Or you become one.

It also creates an "abandonment filter" Sort of like rose colored glasses but in a bad way...

Abandonment colored glasses - often self-fulfilling prophesies, often blocking your view of what needs to been seen. Distorting your own experience of life, love, relationships and possibility.

Heal it, don't DEAL with it! 

The truth is...most of us have a hurt, insecure inner child.  Your issues are rooted in the experience and reality of life...
Life Is Abandoning 
Think about it
And then heal it
(You don't have to resonate with it! )

Young woman struggling with feeling alone

The real kick in the pants is that fear and insecurity become the reality you live, become a self-fulfilling prophesy, become the fatal flaw in what may be real love.  Imperfect perhaps, painful...usually. But still, it could be real love.

What happens in your body when you feel fear?
• I freeze or go numb
• I worry a lot
• I don't play/be fun
• I escape/avoid
• I'm tense
• I'm too serious
• I stop breathing 
• I'm tied in knots
• I attack

Pause and take a look at yourself, a compassionate look. See how your distortion, pain, fear, and assumptions affect your life - your sense of self, your ability to feel whole.

You can develop the ability to have happy, inter-dependent relationships. An ability to attract fully available people.

Fear of Abandonment: Heal The Feelings & Traumas Causing Your Fears

What would you like to change about this condition within you?

How would  changing from the inside out affect your life, happiness, well-being?  Do you realize that change is possible?  Do you feel like you've already tried everything? 

Here's a big one - try it for a moment -

Imagine a couple lounging on a picnic. They are gazing sweetly, lovingly, at each other. They are completely relaxed and simply enjoying the moment, much like one does when looking at a baby or puppy.  Just sweet happiness in the other, in their connection, in the moment.

Work to heal abandonment issues and someday you'll be like this older couple at the beach.May You Enjoy Togetherness

Is that kind of moment something you relate to for yourself? The sweetness of love? Of eye gazing? Heart opening? Warmth? Relaxation? Happiness just to be -- and be with another? To enjoy and be enjoyed?

What gets in the way of that for you? Would you like to experience deep changes around that?  Do you know that you can?  (as are the healing transformations that you can realize).  But I do...I know that for you.  It happens all the time. Your wounds, your abandonment issues, your fears, they are part of being human

How to Heal Abandonment

Social Anxiety Self Help What Do You Need (So You Can Trust)?

Healing your abandonment issues is key to enjoying life

“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

What is it that keeps creating painful relationships? Or blocks relationships right from the start?
The answer is unique to each person. Yet at the same time, there are many common issues that we share.

Which negative beliefs support your abandonment issues?

Beliefs are thoughts that you take to be true...and of course, they do seem true. Your beliefs have a huge (and I mean HUGE) influence on your experiences. However, your beliefs and experiences CAN CHANGE.

If you seek to break a pattern you see in your self, you will have to go deeper than romantic relationships. It is likely a pattern that began in your childhood. 

I had no idea that I had these sorts of issues until my late 40s - in my THIRD marriage! Isn't it odd, how something so deep and painful, that colored my entire life, was invisible to me? 

Intense feelings around abandonment trigger unconscious survival reactions. Very painful, uncontrollable reactions.

It doesn't get much bigger than this. These issues are entwined with being HUMAN. We are built to bond! A lot of suffering revolves around bonding and even if you were never "technically" abandoned, there are countless ways that life and relationships create insecure women and men.

Dealing with Emotional PainHeal what happened when you were a child

Overcome Fear of Abandonment:  When you encounter enough pain to be motivated to grow, you can take action to overcome what is holding your issues in place

What kind of unconscious intimacy definition is limiting closeness and authenticity in your relationships?

Woman Gazing Out a Window

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