How To Create Remarkable Relationships by healing abandonment issues

Healing abandonment issues is an inner process that transforms you and your relationships in a deeply satisfying, empowering way.

Inner transformation is what transforms relationships.

Are you ready to have remarkable relationships  – not only with lovers but also with mothers, brothers, your children and friends?

Do you ever wonder why relationships have a way of bringing out the worst in you?

And the closeness and connection that you seek ends up damaged (or even destroyed)?

How's that workin' for ya?

I bet you've tried to change. Maybe you've seen advice on how you should  think, feel or act. ( WOULD if you COULD...wouldn't you?)

Advice on how you should be does nothing to HEAL abandonment issues.

It's like turning into the "thought police"! No fun at all. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could be yourself? (Rather than feeling uptight about failing to follow advice on how you should be?)

Controlling is pure relationship poison

When life feels out of control, people get more controlling. What's worse than dealing with an unconscious, insecure, reactive control freak? 

Someone who wants to change THEY can feel ok...


The need to control is natural. 

The need to RESIST being controlled is even MORE natural.

But maybe BEING the controlling one is even worse.

Either way, controlling is not attractive. In fact, controlling often creates the abandonment and rejection you fear.

Another form of control is when people are so SELF-controlling they can't relax and be who they are and have fun.  

Wouldn't you rather know that you are capable of positive change? That you can get things right inside yourself? And then you can be right with others?  And relax and enjoy?

Would you like to be in relationship with someone who heals their issues? Someone who feels confident that whatever arises, they can process it and come out BETTER than before?

Would you like to BE that person?

What would it be like if YOU were that partner?

"The higher truth is that the effects of the past
do not have to be your reality now."

For example, here are some "effects of the past" that mess up relationships:

  • Fear of abandonment 
  • Feeling insecure - not good enough
  • Grief & sadness 
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of rejection
  • Unable to bond or be vulnerable
  • Trauma & reactivity
  • PTSD 
  • Mother/father issues 
  • Low self-esteem & not taking a stand for yourself

"But I don't want to dwell in the past 
OR pretend everything is fine..."

Rather than see yourself as "damaged goods" and having to choose between dwelling or denying, when you heal abandonment issues you uncover your true potential. 

You become wiser and stronger through healing the root causes of your experiences. 

Healing is the most powerful creator of the remarkable relationships you seek.

Yes, some people fall into the trap of believing they are powerless victims of the past.

And some deny that the past has any power over them at all.

Both seem true...but it doesn't have to be that way.

Do I have abandonment issues?

I see a lot of people bog down trying to figure out if they have abandonment issues. 

Here's a secret.  

So if the question, "Do I have abandonment issues?" comes up, remember that it's only coming up because you need healing.

It isn't about diagnosis or medications. You are not SICK you are HUMAN. You've been hurt and need healing.  

Something inside you is getting triggered - it is not logical - and it is causing problems.

Abandonment issues are an umbrella for many issues or labels.  Skip the labels and get busy healing. That is what works. 

Speaking of husband calls me a “self-cleaning oven.” 

He knows that when I’m a hot mess, I’ll do my thing - and come out clean. He's off the hook

He LOVES that about me. Heck...I love that about me!

Are you ready to stop freaking out and start healing?

There ARE powerful ways to heal the root causes and permanently heal abandonment issues. 

"Issues" are nothing to be ashamed of. They are not who you are, they do not define you. 

Avoid the mistake of "controlling" (acting like life or relationships) are supposed to protect you from your triggers or issues. 

It is your sacred responsibility to yourself  to heal your abandonment issues.  

Feeling Funky? Time for change?

So remember, if you've got some funky ways of showing up in your relationships, the best thing is to face right into it and process your healing. 

The process of deep healing transforms you into the person you want to be - so you can have remarkable relationships.

Be an agent for positive change instead of dwelling, denying, blaming or shaming. 

Skip the labels -- because healing changes whatever "it" is any way.

Controlling never helps anything and healing helps everything!

“This is very deep, very insightful work. It brings revelation that ‘sticks to my ribs’ and I get bits and pieces as days go by. It’s the real deal. I enjoy this!”   “D. R.”  Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor

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