Abandonment issues Got You feeling crippled? 

Worried about abandonment issues?  Chances are, you’ve been trying to get over it for a while. 

You are tired of being upset. You just want to get better. 

And you are somewhere between discouraged and despairing, maybe even feeling crippled in your ability to ever have the relationship happiness you want.

You have probably had to face some unpleasant truths.

Truths about how, despite your best intentions to change, you still end up playing your part in relationship problems.  

Yet, somehow, whatever you've been doing to heal is never enough.

Nurse sitting on edge of bed, perplexedFINALLY heal abandonment issues?

I understand why you feel discouraged, tired,
“crippled in your ability to have healthy intimate relationships”

...and you're afraid abandonment issues
will ruin your relationships

I know how terrible that feels because I’ve been there. 

The worst part is when I'm the one causing the problems. Because of the pain I tried to heal but still carry. Because I wanted a "good" relationship so desperately that I lost myself.

As if things weren't bad enough.   

I used to say I would cut off my right arm if it would make me change.

I’ve come a long way since those days. And you can, too.

What I finally discovered is a process that can ask my "mind-body system" to immediately pinpoint exactly what happened AND what I need - so it can finally heal and shift.  

I discovered that most of what holds abandonment issues in place are in a blind spot, what I couldn't see, often not at all what I would expect

“If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” 
Gospel of Thomas

Close up of child's green eyeWhat is Within Can Set You Free

What happened to you
(and what heals you)
is rarely what you think

It is in your conscious, unconscious, and higher consciousness:

  • in your body memory
  • the relationships you experienced
  • in your family system
  • your breath
  • your neural networks
  • your fight/flight responses
  • your personality structure 

      (just to name a few!)  

Your “body-mind-system” contains all this and more AND is what sets you free.  

Yes, there is a safe, straightforward way to access all of that (AND what you need) in order to heal and move on.

I know this because I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve done it to heal myself and I’ve helped hundreds of clients for almost 20 years.

I can’t promise an instant “fix”.  What I can promise is that you will see real progress. 

What I offer is different from anything else out there. 

This is different because it ASKS your mind and body system what is causing YOUR abandonment issues. 

It is an amazing process that accesses your higher-self for both the "cause and cure" that YOU need, in THIS moment. 

 Think of it this way... your "symptoms or issues" come unbidden, uninvited, unwanted, uncontrollable. 

They are proof that the unresolved "stuff" is there -
even though you don't want it.  

Those symptoms or patterns "reveal" what is going on.
AND what is needed to get free of them. 

Only you can bring what is within you to completion - and I can help you do that in an extremely effective and uplifting way.  

Together, we can facilitate your profound healing and growth.

Healing is a process. Change and growth happen as you experience the healing process.

I promise that you will know you have touched a true place inside yourself. A place where there had been an unfinished experience that needed healing.   

And then you’ll see healing as it ripples out:

into your current experience of yourself
your relationships
and your life 

You will be the person who knows how
to get stronger and wiser
because of your experiences

instead of crippled
by what you don’t know how to heal 

You’ll be the person who has had an embodied experience of healing from you, through you, to you.  

You’ll know the incredible wisdom, healing, hope and love that originate from deep inside you, even with your pain.  

You’ll know yourself as the person who stuck with it,
who knew that the love, trust and bonding you want is available, no matter what happened in the past.   

Because the only way to get rid of abandonment issues
is to heal them at the root

Are you interested in finding out how my process would work for you?

Let’s find out if we are a good fit, it takes just a minute to book a free consultation with me.

(There is a $10 deposit that is fully refunded upon completion of the consultation.)

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Book Your
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There is never any pressure to buy because it wouldn't work if you didn't WANT to do it.

Finally, here’s just two of many things people say...

"Game changer!

I can honestly say sessions with Laura changed the course of my life. I’d been in in-person talk-therapy for ten years and felt like I was talking in circles stuck in place. I had loss and trauma that seemed impossible to overcome. I learned how to truly love and accept myself which changed the course of my career, gently began to soften the loss and trauma, and made my relationship that was on the verge of ending not only possible, but more joyful and stable than ever. I’m still not sure what to tell people when they ask what kind of therapy Laura offers, but I know that it works and that she goes above and beyond with her clients providing extra support and resources outside of the sessions. Thank you Laura! "


"I feel this is getting to the core places I haven't been able to find/shift using other healing modalities."

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., C.R.R.P.
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