Breakup Depression?
Get Power to Build Your New Heaven

Your breakup depression (that feels like your personal hell ) has powerful energy  and it can be used to create your personal heaven.

Friedrich Nietzsche (a famous philosopher) said,

      "Everyone who has ever built a new heaven 
       first found t
he power to do so in his own hell."  

This quote captures something that I find difficult to articulate. The essential truth that it captures for me is based on my own life experience - as well as my experiences with facilitating hundreds of sessions with widely differing kinds of people for over 17 years.

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Breakup Depression = A New Heaven
? ? ?
Huh?    Wha?

Sometimes (often!)  it is the deepest pain that creates the deepest awakening

Awakening is rarely done "on demand" - its not like you can just DECIDE to stop living with emotional pain.

If you could, it wouldn't be breakup depression.  Depression by definition means you are stuck with it, that you cannot just STOP it.  

I hesitate to put the words personal heaven in the same sentence as breakup depression because someone dealing with emotional pain isn't in a space for that kind of thinking. It is the kind of thing that words fail (you have to experience directly).

From an energetic or spiritual point of view, depression is the absence of inner light - of being in a dark place. That is a pretty awful one-two punch; First the breakup, then dark depression and loss of inner light to top it off.  Stuck.  No way out...

"The only way out is through" -- This may seem trite but it is exactly what Nietzsche is alluding to. And I'll add that the only way "through" is down; Down into the depths of your being.

Because when you truly go all the way down - when you surrender to your powerlessness over the situation - THAT is where your Light is hiding. Your Light is hiding and waiting for you to discover it.

Some people are able to go there. Some are not. This is a simple fact that I often struggle to accept.  It is so hard to see such suffering!  This suffering comes from a belief  in the inability to  break through emotional pain. 

That may be the main thing I love about my session work. The process very quickly takes you to the key, core place deep within you that has not been dealing with emotional pain.

There is always a massively powerful reason for this belief  in your inability to deal with pain and it CAN be resolved and released - lovingly and gently. 

Breakup depression (being STUCK and unable to deal with emotional pain) is often the personal hell that leads people to do sessions with me. Our work together succeeds in releasing blocks to dealing with emotional pain.

The belief changes to the actual experience of emotional pain being resolved -- and inner light restored. 

"Everyone who has ever built a new heaven 
                      first found t
he power to do so in his own hell."  

       YES.  EXACTLY! 
(Couldn't have said it better myself...)

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