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The best energy healing practitioners get real, deep, and lasting results that show up long after the session is over.  Here's what a few of my clients say about their results.


I have to say that thanks to you and the work I am doing in parallel, it was clear this week that I had shifted my level of awareness and freed myself of my inner blocks.  I have spent time with 3 wonderful women, smart and funny.  And these women were there, in my life all this time.

I love life!
Thank you    
 "A"   New York


Dear Laura

Was thinking of the miracle you wrought on me.
You brought me back to my feet. I was comfortable in bed.  :)

Thank you so much.
"R"  Dubai


"I am feeling different.  I can't really put it into words. The differences I mostly feel is I don't feel as lonely or scared and I am communicating my thoughts and emotions better to others. Also, I realized since I don't feel as lonely or scared, I don't have any more feelings or desires to want to be with my ex. Therefore,  those feelings I was having had to be out of fear and loneliness. I am so glad that I contacted you and had my session with you."   "A.S.", University Professor, AR


"I don't know how or what is happening but I feel like our sessions shift me unlike anything else. I think it'd be good for me to keep working with you."
"N", 38 year old male bartender, CA


“I’m doing another session because it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually does anything.”  
A.T., Attorney, Australia


The fear and hopelessness have been replaced by curiosity, focus and excitement! "A", NY

"My husband and I were going to marriage counseling. Our counselor said I should go on medication.  So when I saw Laura’s site, I knew I wanted to try it, hoping I could avoid medication.  

After two sessions, I am really surprised how good I feel.  I feel much happier and more social. I am able to enjoy other people more.  I have a lot more energy. I find that my thought patterns are not going on an endless loop and have decided not to go on anti-depressants.

My husband has noticed the difference also. I am amazed at how this process will bring up things that happened in the past that were affecting my energy levels negatively that I would not be able to otherwise identify or work through. This is a very effective process."     "Kristina A."

Laura Frisbie is one of the best energy healing practitioners EVER

"Typically at the beginning of a session, I share what happened since the previous session, facts and emotions. THEN… comes a moment of silence. Resonance Repatterning is at work.

Time and space seem to evaporate for a short moment and I have no idea in which direction the session will go. Oh… how I love that moment because I know the process is not something from “out there” or from all the words I would have said in a psychotherapy session. My mind, my spirit, my body are all engaged in the process as well as Laura’s great skills.

At the end of the session, I am resonating, healing and transforming myself. The transformation is at times amazingly quick! Sometimes, the ineffective pattern feels gone forever, sometimes thanks to my new awareness, I still feel it but it no longer has a hold on me.

Laura has amazing listening and mirroring abilities. She is sharp-minded and TRULY CARES. She carefully gives you personalized methods that are so helpful to continue the healing process after the session is done. Until the next one…"
Aurelie Carini, NY, single mother of 3 and Business Owner/Consultant

..."I have done a lot of healing work and had no idea I had such feelings of loss about my dad. My chest feels open. I so desire to release whatever needs to be released so I can reconnect to my life energy and a positive anticipation for my future."  "S"


..."Ahhh. I am feeling "lighter" in some indefinite way in my body.  I feel this is getting to the core places I haven't been able to find/shift using other healing modalities."  "S"  BC


"I'm just checking in. I have to tell you that the 'prescription' for dancing really changed my life! I am looking forward to telling you what I attracted by doing that exercise. Pretty amazing.Thanks for EVERYTHING!"    "A"


"Something has definitely shifted. I am realizing and experiencing the healing and energizing effects of these words:

With LOVE serving as a canvas."  "A", NY


..."I wanted to tell you that I felt very comfortable with you on the session. I feel much more relaxed now. I was able to go out with Armando, have dinner and pretty much don't care much about anything else but the present. Thank you." "P"

"I was just thinking about you and want to say again how grateful I am that at some point in your life you decided to delve into this work. You're really good at it and you're helping a lot of people live better lives. Really, thanks for your hard work to get where you are, too."    "M"


"Amazingly I felt at peace yesterday and although still hurting I suddenly don't feel like my life is going to end because another relationship has ended and that's HUGE for me. I at least feel like I have some understanding now and feel like I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  

I think my acting out behavior in relationships has been part of the grieving process and a stage - understanding that I'm moving through it helps me tremendously.   "B"


..."Thank you so much for your help!  I have done lots of hard work in traditional therapy, have had reiki healers work with me, have done inner child shadow work and I FINALLY feel balanced and better after our session.  I feel strangely calm and not on edge or anxious like I normally do.  WOW!  Thanks again and I am so blessed to have found you.  I am amazed! Blessings and I will be in touch if I start feeling blocked again."   "C", New Orleans


..."I am actually enjoying this! I would have never guessed it would have been part of my growth/healing! Thank you for widening my horizon."  "A", Entreprenuer, mother, NY


..."There was something specific that was troubling me before I had my session with you and I didn't mention it at the time, but amazingly post our chat, it has COMPLETELY resolved itself. Amazing!"  "C"

While we're speaking of
energy healing practitioners and
healing abandonment issues...

"I have experienced many therapies over the years which dredged up the past, feeling that was what I needed to do in order to let it go. 

The difference with Laura's work, is that although it brought things up, she held a beautiful safe space to allow my feelings and emotions to unfold and the new frequencies and beliefs were quickly absorbed, resulting in my feeling lighter and more positive at the end of each session. 

Her natural intuition was a seamless guide in her being led to the perfect modality for me each time. The affirmations were powerful and I continue to use them and the various techniques I learned with toning, breath work and movement. 

Laura has been a blessing during this most transformational time in my life."  "S", Massage Therapist, NC

"I just wanted to thank you for working with me through that  memory last Saturday. The (Resonance Repatterning) session we had, to me, was pretty profound and it helped me release on a deeper level feelings that I never even knew were still alive and connected to that particular trauma/event. That was a really big gain for me. 

I did notice that more difficult feelings are coming up but what was remarkable is that they no longer seem such a threat to me. They're still difficult but I am at least able to sit with them and feel them. And they also seem more 'dynamic', not getting hardened or stuck like it did before.

Also, on a side note, my original issue (the abandonment trigger) seems to have subsided just enough for me to notice a shift. But this is already significant as before, it probably would have taken me months or even years to reach this 'level.'"  "N", Philippines


...Wow - I continue to be amazed and quite frankly am in awe of things … per and since our last session, I have been in a fast food outlet (other than Subway sandwiches) – uh, zero, none. I have had the following amount of frozen prepared meals – uh, zero, none.  I am amazed. I have been having an absolute blast cooking. "R", West Coast

"These pictures (newborn animals) were so sweet. For some reason they made me think of you. I guess it must be that very beautiful and strong sense of nurturing and love you give to all of us.(the broken dolls you have helped to become whole.)

You are one of our many blessings and I want you to know how much I love you. Thank you for being my virtual mother. That really did work. You gave me so much these last few years. I think about our sessions often and the courage, strength and inspiration you gave me to keep going during the most difficult time in my life. You are truly a Master of Repatterning. Thank you for being such a big part of my life. Love b.b. xoxoxoxo" ~~~
Her husband, the father of her two boys died after a long painful battle with cancer.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The session we had was one of most powerful sessions I've ever had. It was the one I had been looking for, but I know work had to be done on all other issues to get to that place.

Your system, your wisdom and who you are has made a huge difference with me. And I've trusted it fully since the beginning.

I already (after a day) see how different my relationships with others are. I am so much more open to receiving support, and people seem to be not only wanting to support me, they enjoy mine too! It's wonderful.

I had a session with my business coach yesterday and for the first time I felt understood. Now we're creating a plan that works within my circumstance and what I want.

Thank you again so much and I look forward to our session in a couple of weeks, for whatever we might work on. With much love,
V", ~~Film-maker and artist in San Francisco Bay area.

“Although everyday still brings with it the feeling that my heart is bleeding out, and I can't cope, I am enjoying longer periods of feeling okay and improved sleep.

My aggressive and rude behaviors and high levels of irritation have all diminished significantly. I am able to say I love you to my sister and feel it for the first time in my life. I am able to give and receive love and compassion easily, and I am able to quickly remedy any disunity. 

I see my past interpersonal failings with great clarity and am willing and able to remedy them. I can now comprehend how hurtful my past words and unloving actions have been to others.

My focus is shifting from things being more important to me than people. I am also willing and able to overlook and forgive events that previously drove great rifts between myself and others. I understand that men are not responsible for my happiness. 
I look forward to working with you further, Laura.  Thank you for the enormous contribution you have made to my core beliefs and to my most important personal goals." S, Workshop leader for intuition and energy healing in San Francisco.
"If I hadn’t done these sessions I never would have figured this out for myself.  It has helped me see my relationship with my boyfriend and with my Dad.  As I am better able to accept my Dad as he is and love him anyway, I am more able to do it for my boyfriend and for myself. 

I still have bad days but now I can cope.  I have emotions and deal with them instead of burying them.  If I can’t feel the bad, then I can’t feel the good either.  Now I’m not afraid to feel. 

Since my sessions, I look back and wonder -  “What was so bad about this?  What made me think I was so perfect?”
 Now I see my faults but I don’t beat myself up, I am more objective.   I used to be  - “I’m out of here!” - … which is fine for doctor visits but not for relationships.”  E.G., Retail Manager, Louisiana

★    "Thanks for your truly amazing gift of cutting through all my b.s.  I try to cover up the real issue by blowing it off as not really  important. I'am a real master at deceiving myself. I'm so blessed to have you as my earthly guiding angel. If you were closer I would give you a truly amazing massage.  I love you Ms. Laura. TTFN  oxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox"</i>
"B", Seattle, WA, Recently widowed mother of two boys.

★ "Thank you SO much Laura!
I deeply appreciate your high and detailed sensitivity to my truth every moment in our sessions. It is a wonderful gift.

...I just want you to know I truly appreciate you. It is such a gift to be in conversation with someone who truly sees me. 
Thank you so much for that. Wishing you high state of well-being always."   "V", CA, Artist from Iran

★ “I did a session with you about my music and then everything cleared up and I made a record in four days and it got all kinds of air play and media attention.  Then I did another session about getting in car wrecks and everything cleared up in that area and I bopped around, happy with my life.

You turn negatives into positives, frustration into happiness, and give me the energy to attract fantastic things. You are my life coach for life. You are a bundle of love, Laura.”  </i> Miriam Allen, musician, singer, composer, song writer, recording artist, silver smith, and remodeler, Charleston, SC.
I hit a wall of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety due to personal and work stresses. I knew I needed to do some work and began some web research on what some alternatives might be.

I have a therapist and the talk therapy was helping but not fast enough for me. The issues seemed to still crop up and my therapist wasn't able to really drill into the reasons and get me feeling better very quickly.

Some websites on traditional therapy depressed me further by saying my abandonment issues would take years to recover from and lots of therapy. Laura's website was different.

Laura's site had me feeling positive about the changes I could make, that there were imprinted patterns that could be changed without medication, without years of talk therapy. I was skeptical, but in a lot of pain and called Laura.

She was so supportive and gentle and nurturing. I felt at ease immediately (not what happens in traditional therapy for me) and I signed up for a session. After one interesting and very insightful session, I was hooked.

Laura was able to identify abandonment issues that no therapist had been able to, even to pinpointing the specific years of my childhood that were at issue. They were years I was not aware of, and had to reach to my older brother to fill in the blanks of that period in my life.

It turned out there was much sadness, grief, death and abandonment during my formative years...years I don't even remember but that have imprinted me.

I have now worked with Laura for over 6 weeks. I am hooked! This work is interesting, rejuvenating, quite different and I feel uplifted at the end of every session.

I am a different person today than I was six weeks ago. My abandonment issues are GREATLY diminished. I am much more aware of my triggers, know how to manage them better and feel more in control and happier than I've been in a long time.

The sense of peace and optimism is wonderful.

Some of my friends think this work sounds crazy, I am a convert and am pleased beyond words that my web search brought me to Laura and Resonance Repatterning work.

Thank you Laura. You're a gem!  ~L.G.~ Executive Manager, Fortune 500 Company, CA
 I have been doing sessions consistently with Laura for the last 3 years. Wow! I can't believe it has been that long. Working with Laura continues to be a life changing experience.

The person I am today is so much more realized (than last year even) as a result of awareness and releasing of energy blocks, and shifting into more resonance with who I am (what we work on in the sessions).

It constantly blows my mind how many life changing breakthroughs I have with Laura. She and this work will always be a part of my life.

It's great because you don't know exactly what's up to shift- you don't have to know- but with Laura's guidance and going to your higher power, you deepen your self awareness,and healing begins.

All I can say is "Thank God for Laura and her dedication to this amazing work!"

Nowhere else will you get the benefits of this work! AND she and this work are worth sooo much more than what she charges. "A" Opera Singer, D.C.
Speaking with you today was better than any therapy session I have ever been to and believe me, I've been in therapy a LOT!

Just trusting you, relaxing, and "going with it" brought us to the point where we needed to be so quickly. I couldn't even sum it up (my issues) as well as the process did.

I didn't tell you as we spoke, but I will confirm for you now, I have had a tightness in my lower back for a very long time that no injury caused and been short of breath for the last few years. During and after today's session I have felt an immense relief in both areas. It's interesting that my lumbar region and "breath" were areas  we covered.

I felt happiness for the first time in a long time after our session, well, even during it! Not a manufactured happiness or even happiness due to the rational me saying I have nothing to worry about, etc., trying to pull it to me and out of me. When my daughter came home today and saw me smiling (which I do around her often anyway) she said "Mom, I love that smile, that's the best one I've seen on you!" I didn't tell her why but believe me, I will!

Here's thanking you for stepping into my life Laura and looking forward to speaking to you again soon! ~B~ Geriatric Nurse, VA
I am so amazed at how good my feet feel-except for the poor corn on my right foot, it's like I borrowed a new pair of feet - the only example I can give is when I've sat for awhile -(which I do a lot) and go to get up and walk, it was like I was walking on broken glass.  Now I just get up and go  -it is amazing and I am your new believer  -want to fix it all!!     ~M~ Nurse, VA

★ I LOVE this. I e-mailed everyone I know to tell them to book a session with you and how great you are!  ~M~ Art Teacher, NH

I came upon your website last night as I was doing a search on abandonment issues. I went through the emotional release exercise, and boy, did I have emotional release! I really got down to some core issues from the past and just about cried my heart out. I got in touch with a lot of those deep abandonment issues and cried and cried. I felt so much better afterward as I have had a terrible depression and heaviness on my chest for a LONG time and just worse recently. I have felt light as a feather since then if that makes sense. Your website and exercise was truly a godsend as I have had sooooo much pain all bottled up inside that couldn't get out despite going to several counselors over the years. I was seriously thinking one day I would just have to do myself in to escape the pain. I am TRULY grateful for just this one exercise that has brought me a great amount of relief. It is the first time in a LONG time I have felt a peace. I am looking forward to our phone session if this is any indication of further healing.  Thanks so much.  -H-

★ Following up on our session to let you know that I have been feeling much better this week since I have for a long time - like I have a base under me and a future to move towards.
Thank you, again. -J- Baltimore

★ I had such a sense of well being this afternoon..may it continue.  I really enjoyed working with you. I felt comfortable, supported, not judged and heard.  You have such a nice way of doing things and are clear and thank you again! ~N~ TN

★ I struggle with this everyday and I don't know if I should leave the relationship to avoid getting hurt so badly again, or try a lot harder to work on my issues and make it work with us. I will work on this and I have confidence that I will overcome or at least deal with my issues in a good way. But I just really wanted to thank you for the site because that list of "feeling fear" really made me take a step back and realize that I and my past issues make me feel and act the ways I do. ~Still working on me. -Patrick-  Cincinnatti

★ I am eternally grateful for your company on this journey. ~V~ Programmer, MA

★ My benefits from sessions are: Connection to self and others, awareness, release, surrender, peace, clarity, vision, un-"stucking"   ~A~ Opera singer, D.C.

Thank you so much. That was so awesome. I already feel myself relaxing into my "zone." In case I haven't communicated this sufficiently, I REALLY appreciate your work with me.
I believe it's helped me tremendously.  ~E~ Owner of Healing Arts Center, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Wilmington, NC
When I was going to you for "repatterning"  I felt "adjusted", confident, revitalized, and hopeful whenever we got done with a session.  I could tell things were getting cleared out.  Like when you tell your computer to do a "disc defragmenter".......know what I mean?  ~R~  Administrative Assistant, Asheville, NC
"I am much more calm, centered and confident. When I had talked to you I had very much lived in my nervous system for practically my whole life. It is hard to describe what is happening but my head feels differently. Like my brain is decompressing. Hands down, the work you do cuts to the chase so much quicker than any other modality. The analogy of the layers of the onion in one's life are always peeled but with the re patterning  you get so much closer to the core..I am practically looking at it. Thanks, Much gratitude."   Patrick, Cincinnati, OH
"I'm so thankful for our session on Tues.  I've had myself so stressed out for so long. The parental voices in my head having me believe that where I am, what I've done, is unacceptable.  My true self is happy with the diversity of my life.  And I guess I thought being debt free along with this would put me on top of the world, so I tried to force itl.  Patience & kindness first; and more importantly, I've even come up with an answer to my question...what to do with my life.  For now...take care of myself, relax and take care of myself. Thank you!"  Tom, FL

 ★ "Our talk on the phone that day was so timely and helpful and more. We are still hanging out together and I think its going to be fine.  Already its been a tremendous change in my life.  I've also been meaning to mention another good thing.  My relationship with my parents.  I just Adore them both.  We talk on the phone once a week or so and I just love it.  We connect on things and laugh, its wonderful.  I can't help but believe our work together  (in session) has brought this about.  Thank you for everything."   Tom, FL

 "I have decided that over all i have noticed a shift.  i came home after our conversation and felt ecstatic. i was in a great mood and felt relaxed and calm and unstressed, maybe a little irritated but in a heck of a lot calmer way. i do not feel the need to share every little detail about myself to friends and family. I am calmer and more energetic, i have found the true desire to spend more time on myself. so i feel vital,  many of the things that have been big stressers are just not a big deal for some reason. i am having fun, i got to dance this weekend and felt like i was really enjoying the moment. i don't feel as insecure. i am not calling someone every five minutes to gossip about the latest goings on in my life. i do not feel lonely when there isn't another person there. i am not being hard on myself. so i feel that this shift will continue in this positive way and i hope to be able to speak with you again to help continue my growth." P.R., Asheville, NC

★ "I just wanted to send this to you as a thank you for all you've done for me.  It seems these sessions with you cause changes in me that grow over time, & I feel like I am "repatterning" in really positive ways.  I feel like these last few months have been a time of me opening my eyes & being more compassionate by releasing judgement on other people.  And as a result I don't get so angry & react in negative ways.  WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!  And it's because of YOU!  I'm so grateful to you." "M", Asheville musician

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