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If there is one thing I can tell you about my work it is that it is UNIQUE and unlike anything you've done before. There is no way to describe what it is like - it has to be experienced.

That is why I've created a variety of enticing ways you can explore

  • Free Consultations
  • Individual Private Sessions
  • Discounted Packages of Four

  • Long-Term Coaching - TBD

  • Each month a new teaching/healing topic with 4 weekly online group sessions and the first one is free. SEE MORE

The best way to experience this healing is in a private session. They are 90 minutes and go deep - fast.  

But before you do your first session, I'd love to talk with you in a relaxed, "see if we're a good fit"  free consultation.  And if you choose to continue, this provides great preparation.

There is NEVER any pressure to buy because your sense of safety and open curiosity is paramount

After the first session, most people do continue, so I offer a discounted package of four. You can add onto  your first session and simply pay the difference for 3 more sessions.

I love working with people long-term, so let me know if you're interested in a coaching-style arrangement over several months.  Some people love their progress so much that they continue for years.

Weekly Online Group Sessions

In addition to private sessions, I offer weekly group teaching/healing events. Even if you've done private sessions, these are designed to support development in your own self-healing.

Each month offers four weekly teaching/healing process on a different topic.

The first week is free with an option to pay to continue with the next three.

The timing will change each month so I can include different time zones.  
Let me know the timing you need and I'll do my best to arrange for it.

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Are you ready to discover how your entire life can improve?
(personally AND professionally)

 A session is NOT like traditional therapy (which is primarily mental) and it is NOT like having a “reading/healing” done on you.

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ALL sessions and calls are deeply personal in nature and need to be in a private, quiet place. 

PLEASE do not be driving 
or multi-tasking

Each session for healing emotional pain works to release what holds your negative patterns in place and shifts you on a core level into resonating with what you need and want. 

When you resonate with what you want, you become the kind of person that attracts it naturally 

"It's the only thing I've found that actually DOES anything."
"A", Attorney in Australia

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Did You Know? 

Resonance Replacement:

~ Provides a cutting-edge combination of traditional and alternative therapies 

~ Is routinely provided long-distance via phone or Skype

~ Uses Resonance Kinesiology to access information from your energy field.

~ Releases deep unconscious traumas and emotional blocks stored in your body A mind system ... often on the first session.

~ Works on the quantum level as described by Deepak Chopra and many others. (To access information beyond what you can see (much like a school of fish or a flock of birds can operate as one.)

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By Laura Frisbie, M.Ed., CRRP
All Sessions Provided by Phone / Skype

Because I'm a Certified Resonance Replacement Practitioner, insurance is not an option. Published content, sessions, webinars, etc., are not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.