Overcome Fear
of Abandonment

In order to overcome fear of abandonment, one of the first things is name it and claim what you want instead.  Demand it!

Love, respect and happiness in relationship is a basic human need. You deserve it.  But you have to fight for it! 

For a lot of us, that sounds like fantasy land.  And it triggers feelings – hurt, anger, shame, grief. Good luck getting that particular need met! It looks good on paper, right? 

Vintage illustration of woman holding dumb bells so she can overcome fear of abandonment

Overcome fear of abandonment?  
HOW? It's soooo 

Basically, you have to grow. You are going to have to get tough, get determined and get humble.  It ain't EASY. Healing abandonment issues can be utterly discouraging.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We have experienced countless types of abandonment (directly and indirectly).

  2. We are powerless to prevent it.

  3. We are bombarded with life experiences, stories, movies and songs about betrayal and abandonment.

  4. There is no clear reason why it happens and no clear way to heal it.  Being a “better, more lovable person” or having a good partner or good relationship doesn't release us from the need to overcome fear of abandonment.  There is no escape hatch. 

  5. Troublesome thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are crazy hard to change - no matter how smart, loving, or successful you are.  

Maybe worst of all, abandonment issues become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Fear and neediness spoils trust and connection.  You find yourself in a bind, between a rock and a hard place kind of thing. 

    Ya can’t win for losing.
Howling cat next to soccer ball about to be kicked

What happened (and or - what is still happening?) that motivates you to overcome fear of abandonment?

Any of This Seem Familiar?

Are you thrown off center around relationships?   Wish you could be more centered?  Don’t know what being centered feels like?  Don’t think it’s important?

Do you fall apart... or obsess?

Do you see yourself as flawed, unworthy, needy or at fault in relationships?

  • The people who were supposed to love me the most, kept hurting me the most.”
  • “I need attention and get upset when I don't get it.
  • “In my personal relationships I am very critical of myself.”
  • “I get VERY insecure and scared. I ask, “What did I do wrong”?
  • “I am confused because I don’t know if it’s him, me, or the situation and if I'm over-reacting.”
  • “He could tell me he loves me 50 times a day and the nagging heartache lingers.”
  • “I think my abandonment issues go so far back that they are the main contributor to my whole life.”
  • “My problems with abandonment are pushing a wedge between us.”
  • “I want it to stop, I want it to go away but I don't know how--I feel like I have no ability to cope with this level of pain.”

There are reasons why some of us can’t handle the challenges of relationships, reasons we are discouraged about our ability to overcome fear of abandonment. Yet, we CAN change.

The only way is one step at a time…just like everything else in life. 

Why I Love Abandonment Issues

In relationships, buried emotional wounds and other “baggage” make themselves known.  Relationships have a way of forcing us to become aware of our “stuff.” 

While our symptoms are painful, embarrassing and limiting, at least we are not numbed out or cut off.

The good news is that we encounter enough pain to be motivated to grow. The yearning for peace and connection is beautiful and can result in life being a much more fulfilling experience.

LIFE IS RELATIONSHIP and it has been said that you are as happy as your relationships. Life itself is centered upon RELATING. Learning how to overcome fear of abandonment brings HUGE growth and positive change to your experience of life (like nothing else can).

How can you make relationships work -- without quite so much painful, exhausting drama?

It is pretty much all up to you. No person or relationship, no analyst or therapist, psychic or healer, no healing technique, meditation, or hypnosis can do this for you. 

Strong woman practicing qigong

That is why you have to be tough, determined and humble in order to make progress and eventually overcome fear of abandonment.

My clients have included plenty of therapists, healing practitioners, spiritual leaders, body workers, nurses and so on.  Even being an expert practitioner does not grant freedom from abandonment issues.

I’m here to help you identify and release what blocks you in the most natural human condition there is – relationships. You can discover your innate strength, wisdom, love and inner light through the unique opportunity that your abandonment issues bring.

Unwanted thoughts, hurt feelings and damaging reactions do not have to ruin your relationships.  It does take time and patience and trust, but anyone CAN overcome fear of abandonment

I have a lifetime of learning from my own experiences -- as well as from many hundreds of clients. I’ve learned from studying just about every angle of healing, personal growth, relationships, psychology, consciousness and trauma recovery under the sun (as well as from working with an untold number of healer/helpers along my path). 

And I’ve picked up more than a thing or two on how it all works.

You may be surprised. With help, you can get out of your own way long enough to see that you truly can change from the inside out. You probably understand by now that this can’t be solved by figuring it out.  That is where I can help.

Send me an email and tell me about your biggest challenge trying to overcome fear of abandonment.

You can tell me about your abandonment issues and what has been hard for you to change.  

Absolutely NO SELLING whatsoever is connected with this. There are no strings or hidden offers, just a chance to get you closer to what you need. Love, respect, and happiness in relationship.